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For the on the move learner, podcasts can offer a unique opportunity to listen while you drive, work out or are otherwise are on the move. This list is always looking for new additions, if there is an herbal podcast you really love to learn from please, let us know about it so we can share!

"Let's take a deep dive into all things herbal with some of the best teachers in the field of plant medicine, wild foods, botany and health accessibility. You'll hear class recordings from conferences, narrated plant monographs, books, and blog posts, interviews, event updates and so much more."

"Each one of us has a story of how we ended up walking the plant path. Many stories I’ve heard have been a mixture of a dark night of the soul kind of healing crisis – meets – falling head over heels into the world of herbalism kind of love story with plants."

The Herbs With Rosalee Podcast is about the many ways that plants heal, as food, as remedies, and through nature connection.
Start listening today to get your dose of herbal inspiration!

Plant Resilience. Plant Wisdom. Plant Plants. This podcast, hosted by Isaac Hill & A.C. Stauble brings together a network of people wise to the ways of plants, fungi and the natural world to explore the Mysteries of Nature.

There used to be one way to do good conservation: Save a species and protect some land and water... but as we are in the midst of a climate crisis, and we are seeing an increase in chronic disease, conservation has, not surprisingly, shifted and it has never been more important to bring back economic success and life to our lands and our farms. So, what is conservation really? Why has this been such a hard subject to speak o? The Spokane Conservation District out of Spokane, WA will speak directly to growers, managers, and consumers in the Pacific Northwest region to get to the root of why we need to connect economic incentives of consumers - to growers - to drive full system regeneration.


"There is no teaching until the pupil is brought into the same slate of principle in which you are: a transfusion takes places; he is you and you are he; then is a teaching, and by no friendly chance or bad company can he ever quite lose the benefit."

Henry David Thoreau

Taken from the foreword of, The Book of Herbal Wisdom, Matthew Wood

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