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Interesting Folks

The internet is fantastically populated with amazing folks that are herbalists, they have websites, Facebooks, Instagrams.. the list goes on. Here are some incredible people who we think have sites that offer really great information.

United Plant Savors

This might be the most important website on this page.

Henriette Kress

"One of the oldest and largest herbal information sites on the web." A Finnish Herbalist, this site was the GO TO place for herbal forums pre facebook.

Michigan herbalist, his website is So generous in its listings, thre is A LOT of information to be gleaned from here. Be sure to check out his LINKS page, there is an incredible list of articles to read. His Master Herbal Articles Page is sure to be a resource favorite.

"Herbs heal as medicine, as food, and through your connection to nature." Rosalee is the education director for Learning Herbs, and has a great podcast, her site is FULL of useful herbal information.

"Through our many ways of teaching the past decades (ceremony, healing, writing, research, long contemplation with plants and ecosystems, public speaking, and workshops) we have been sharing what we have learned about reinhabiting our interbeing with Earth."

Natural Wellness - Engaged Education - Social Change
This site has AMAZING articles for the practitioner and for the patient, it has formulas & veterinary information.

Folk herbalist, botanical perfumer, musician, and storyteller, Kiva Rose Hardin has an incredible site and offers enchanted plant perspectives.

Founder of Red Moon Herbs and the Southeast Wise Women Herbal Conference, Corina's work honors Wombyn & the Earth.

Ryan has moved his herb order on to another, but his website has some tremendous articles! This one on Wildcrafting is a must read for any beginner. This is also THE place to purchase seasweed.

Richard's site has an incredible mater medica that is worth your time, there are also lots of helpful articles and PDF's to be found.

Dr. Duke's Phytochemical and Ethnobotanical databases facilitate in-depth plant, chemical, bioactivity, and ethnobotany searches using scientific or common names. Search results can be downloaded in PDF or spreadsheet form. Of interest to pharmaceutical, nutritional, and biomedical research, as well alternative therapies and herbal products.

Abra has written some incredible books, be sure to check out tha page of her website!

Heart Stone was co created by Tami Sweet, she is the probably the leading expert on Cannabis and has written, The Wholistic Healing Guide to Cannabis

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