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The Four Seasons Herbal Guild exists to inspire an educated herbal community. We do this by combining outreach, education and service. Dues for guild membership are $25 a year and they support our community outreach, including HWB operations.


Questions? Send us an email and we'll do our best to help!

  • One year membership

    Valid for one year
  • Two year membership

    Valid for 2 years
  • Recurring membership

    Every year

Join the Four Seasons Herbal guild on a recurring basis and get access to our members-only benefits. These include

  • access to all our herbal classes (Without membership, $10/class)

  • extended blog content with recipes & monographs


In addition, your payment supports our events like the Spokane Herbal Faire, and our philanthropic contributions to the community through Herbalists Without Borders.

If paying online isn't your style, we operate the snail mail way too; please make a check out to:

Four Seasons Herbal Guild

and send it to:

Four Seasons Herbal Guild

12006 N Fairview Rd

Spokane, WA  99021

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