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Four Seasons
Herbal Guild

We believe in inspiring an

educated herbal community,

through outreach, education & service.

Members of the Guild may participate in any of the following focus areas to support our mission and to add to their herbal knowledge and appreciation.

Herbalists Without Borders (HWB)

Spokane Herbal Faire

Community Gardens

Monthly Meetings

Natural Herbs

Margi Flint’s filters of wisdom include over twenty years of labor coaching, certification in Polarity Therapy and Reiki, and forty-plus years of herbal practice. She is on staff at Pacific Rim College in BC. She has been caught lecturing at numerous amazing herb schools, Bastyr University, Tufts Medical School, and Mass. College of Pharmacy. She is author of the The Practicing Herbalist now in the fourth edition. The plants and her clients are her revered teachers.  She is retired from active practice, focusing now on teaching and learning how to play.

Oct 28th & 29th

Location TBA

10:00 - 4:00, both days


please email Jessica to register

Her book will be available to purchase, please let us know ahead of time, she will send copies













The Practicing Herbalist meeting with clients, reading the body IV

The fourth edition has 70 new pages, all chapters are updated, new chapters include Virtually Present Clients, Sous Vide Tincturing, Covid Viral Infections, Common to Latin names, some new indication drawings, and a brief update on life in general. Smyth sewn, best paper, satin bookmark, 563 pages of weight bearing exercise, hardbound and feels so good to touch and absorb.

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Reading the body’s colors, lines, facial, tongue and fingernail changes offers practitioners confirmation, or better still, initial direction for the herbs to be consumed.  Some of these indications change when better health is achieved. To understand the importance of visual indications has been the foundation of my practice.  Face, tongue and fingernails, toes, colors and the wide variety of lines and their depth is crucial for accurate understanding of energetic health.  The physical body cannot be separated from the spiritual or mental aspects of self.  Those skills taught by the late William LeSassier and then new indications from David Winston, and then Matthew Wood, have allowed me to find compliance with clients, narrow down the decisions about which herbs to employ with each client, and confirm my thoughts around which endocrine gland, organ system, or emotional state is under duress.  The energetics appear on, in, and into words in unique ways with each person who sits before me. I do believe this skill needs to be introduced early in herbal studies.

Reading the Body
Margi Flint
EarthSong Herbals

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Herb Plants

Growing & Sharing
Organic Herbs

The Herbal Community Gardens are integral to our doings in the community, we have one at the West Central Abbey and one in the beginnings on the South Hill. If you have interest in helping us water, weed, plant or in any way aid our gardens, please get in touch.

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Meetings & Workshops

Lung Health, A Vitalist perspective
Saturday May 27th
Location: West Central Abbey
$10 non members

Our own guild board member Rachel Clark of Five Elements Herbals, LLC will be presenting an amazing class on the health and balance of lungs, with fire season on the way there are plenty of useful pieces of information here. Come join us and learn!

Learn how to support lung health from a Vitalist point of view. We'll cover basic biology, nutrition, lifestyle and herbs (materia medica) specific for the lungs and collaborate to make a take-home tincture to support lung health.

Rachel Clark is a certified clinical herbalist with over 1,500 hrs of formal training and 200 hours of clinical experience. She specializes in GI support, lung health, pain and surgery support. You can find out more about her Spokane practice and latest offerings and events at on Instagram @rachelclarkherbalist

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